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Wild Life Activities in Finnskogen

Finnskogen is the place of your dreams if you like undisturbed nature, wild creatures and experiences like you never seen them before. Here, you can find miles and miles of trails in the forest, and also places with a magnificent view, such as Drageberget. You will also find dramatic canyons and steep waterfalls. Finnskogen also have lakes and rivers suitable for canoeing or bathing. If you would like to spend the night here, we can offer tree tents, 2 meters above the ground.

Join us for a cooking class or invite your friends or colleagues for a quiet time around the camp-fire with delicious food and drinks.

Our offerings

Canoe rental in Finnskogen

In Finnskogen you can paddle on countless rivers and lakes. If you don't have a canoe, you may rent one with us. Prices for 1 canoe, including paddles and life jackets 12 hours: NOK 395 2 days or more (9 am to 9 pm the following day): NOK 375 pr day

Moose safari in Finnskogen

Join us at a moose safari and experience the King of the Forest at close range. Price: 1.500,- NOK. 775,- NOK for children younger than 16 yrs. 1.300,- NOK for full time students Duration: approx 4 hours Starts at: Outside the Norwegian Forest Museum

Hike to the Dragon Cave

The hike to the Dragon Cave at Støpberget is a nice walk, and you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of Glomma Valley, the entry of Østerdalen, Solør and Finnskogen. Price: 750,- NOK 450,- for children younger than 16 600,- for students with student card Duration: ca 4 hours Location: start point, near the foot of mountain Støpberget, Elverum
Paddling on rivers and lakes

Canoeing in the beautiful Kynna watercourse

Price: 1.300,- NOK. 650,- for children under 16 years. 1.100,- for full time students Canoe or kajakk rental comes with additional costs Duration: approx 4 hours Location: starting point, Hernes, Elverum

Canyon hiking in Øksna falls

Experience a little piece of earth history in the ravine that was formed during the last ice age.  Price: 1.300,- NOK. 650,- for children (under 16) 1.100,- for students with student card. Duration: approx 4 hours Location: startingpoint Øksna

Celebrate your birthday outdoors

because #lifeisbetteroutdoorsPrice 3000 NOK for up to 10 persons. Each extra person costs 300 NOK. Duration 3 hours. Children of all ages enjoy being outdoors. All children are curious. Everybody loves bonfires - both adults and children. In a birthday celebration…
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