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Canoe rental in Finnskogen

In Finnskogen you can paddle on countless rivers and lakes. If you don't have a canoe, you may rent one with us. Prices for 1 canoe, including paddles and life jackets 12 hours: NOK 395 2 days or more (9 am to 9 pm the following day): NOK 375 pr day

Moose safari in Finnskogen

Join us at a moose safari and experience the King of the Forest at close range. Price: 1.500,- NOK. 775,- NOK for children younger than 16 yrs. 1.300,- NOK for full time students Duration: approx 4 hours Starts at: Outside the Norwegian Forest Museum

Hike to the Dragon Cave

The hike to the Dragon Cave at Støpberget is a nice walk, and you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of Glomma Valley, the entry of Østerdalen, Solør and Finnskogen. Price: 750,- NOK 450,- for children younger than 16 600,- for students with student card Duration: ca 4 hours Location: start point, near the foot of mountain Støpberget, Elverum

Canyon hiking in Øksna falls

Experience a little piece of earth history in the ravine that was formed during the last ice age.  Price: 1.300,- NOK. 650,- for children (under 16) 1.100,- for students with student card. Duration: approx 4 hours Location: startingpoint Øksna
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