Canoeing in the beautiful Kynna watercourse | Finnskogen Adventures

Canoeing in the beautiful Kynna watercourse

Paddling in a quiet river is a perfect opportunity for letting your thoughts fly away.


  • Duration: approx 4 hours
  • Location: starting point, Hernes, Elverum
  • Start the day, at the Norwegian Forest Museum, tickets included
  • Enjoy the tranquility and the absence of noise when paddling in the calm river
  • Great change that you will spot both moose, beevers, birds and other animals
  • Enjoy a local food meal cooked on a bonfire

In Finnskogen, Kynna watercourse consists of several lakes and rivers and covers an area from Elverum in the north, through Våler and into Åsnes in the south. Here you can find marvellous paddeling places for both canoe and kajakk. You can glide through the landscape. You can fish in the rivers or take a cooling bath wherever you want. The choice is yours!

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