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Experience capercaillies and black grouses mating ritual in Finnskogen

Orrfuglleik. Foto: Per Ottar Walderhaug
Orrfuglleik. Foto: Per Ottar Walderhaug

Experience the mating dance of the capercaillies and black grouses together with our experienced guides.

  • Duration: 1 day, from 6 pm to 10 am the next morning
  • Starting point: Hernes, Elverum
  • Experience spring in the beautiful Finnskogen
  • Take pictures of the big bird’s spectacular mating play
  • Stay outdoors in the primitive lean-to shelter, where you can see the birds while still in your sleeping bag
  • Let your taste buds experience food and drink of local origin

An guide with extensively knowledge of Finnskogen will join you throughout your stay and tell you about nature, wildlife, and the ecosystem of the forrest.



Arrival at Hernes, Elverum no later than 18:00. There are many ways to here, and feel free to contact us us if you need help to put together a travel route. After arrival we gather around the campfire for campfire brewed coffee and briefing from the guide before heading to the forest.

The starting point is reached by car, followed by a short hike to the spot where we will spend the night. During the hike, the guide will tell you about the surrounding area and the nature you see.

The lean-in shelter, where you will spend the night, is covered with reindeer pelt for your comfort. There is no reason for getting cold during the night! You may also rent sleeping bag and sleeping mat with us, if you don’t have one.

Well established in the lean-in shelter, you rigg your photo gear – making it ready for the upcoming play. Before bedtime, a late meal is served. It is important that you make no sounds if possible. The birds might be sleeping in the trees above your head!

Early the next morning, before sunrise, the birds begin their play and we have a seat in the front row!

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