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Celebrate your birthday outdoors

because #lifeisbetteroutdoors

Price 3000 NOK for up to 10 persons. Each extra person costs 300 NOK. Duration 3 hours. 

Children of all ages enjoy being outdoors. All children are curious. Everybody loves bonfires – both adults and children. In a birthday celebration outdoors, the children will experience the feeling of mastering new skills and new activities to the lovely smell of a bonfire. All activities are adjusted to match the age and skill level.

You and your guests arrive at a decorated outdoor area where the campfire is burning and food and beverages are ready. You can watch the children playing while you enjoy a cup of strong bonfire brewed coffee.

Some ideas for activities in theme birthday parties

  • Fishing
  • Sledding
  • Whittling
  • Physics experiments
  • Practical and theoretical quiz in the forest
  • Outdoor activities and scouting

If you prefer, you can choose 3 activities instead from this list:

Activities, approx 30 min

  • Sauna (and snow bathing) 
  • Physics experiemnts
  • Shooting with air guns
  • Obstacle course competition
  • Soda box climbing
  • Nails in a stump
  • Treasure hunting

Upon request, other activities or themes may be arranges. Outdoor birthday is also an option even if you would like to celebrate a birthday for grown-ups. 

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