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Our most popular tours

 Have a look at our outdoor activites, you can join us for wittling in front of a campfire, participate in our cooking classes or tour around in Finnskogen with our guides. All our activites are suited for you alone, with your family or friends, your colleagues or larger groups. If you would like to book arrangements for a larger group, please contact us. 

Elk safari in Finnskogen

The elk thrives in Finnskogen, so many of them live in the area! Join us on a elk safari and see the King of the Forest close up.

Canyon hiking to the Øksnna Falls

Experience a little piece of earth history in the ravine that was formed during the last ice age. 

Hike to the Dragon cave

The hike to the Dragon Cave at Støpberget is a nice walk, and you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of Glomma Valley, the entry of Østerdalen, Solør and Finnskogen.

Canoe paddling in Kynna

Few things are more relaxing than travelling down a quiet river while the landscape slowly passes by.

Experience the capercaillies and black grouses mating ritual

Experience the mating dance of the capercaillies and black grouses together with our experienced guides.

Adventures you will never forget!

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