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Moose safari in Finnskogen

In Finnskogen, the moose has perfect living conditions. That is why there are so many of them in the area! Join us at a moose safari and experience the King of the Forest at close range.

During a moose safari, we find our self in the natural living area of the moose, and you get the opportunity to learn more about these fabulous animals and their surroundings. There is also a great chance that you may see other wild animals, such as deers, foxes and large birds.

  • Start the day, at the Norwegian Forest Museum, tickets included
  • Spend the evening outdoors in the beautiful Finnskogen
  • Learn how to trace the moose
  • Enjoy a tasty meal prepared with local foods

We say hello outside the Norwegian Forest Museum, before the drip goes deep inside Finnskogen. Then we hike for an hour before we prepare the campfire where we prepare a small meal. We can allow ourselves to get hypnotized by the flames while we eat.  Later, we go back to the cars and tries to spot mooses in the forest. You can combine moose safari and a visit at Norwegian Forest Museum.

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