Moosesafari in Finnskogen -

Moosesafari in Finnskogen

Suddenly the moose appears in the pine forest; magnificent, elegant and majestic, with a color that makes it well camouflaged in the scrub forest and among the rank pines. You sit warm and comfortable in a tour bus and can enjoy the sight of nature without thinking about weather and driving conditions.

In spring and throughout autumn, you may be lucky to see the bull with its magnificent antlers. Norway’s largest land mammal can grow up to 800 kg and 2.2 m at mane height. Often we see the moose individually or in small family groups, they are not herd animals. The moose lives all year round in the coniferous forest belt where it grazes and gnaws on trees and twigs.   

On our moose safari we travel out into the moose’s habitat and on the road we scout for moose. Often we also see large birds, foxes and hares sharing their habitat with the moose. Our guide will also tell good stories and show various signs that the moose is in the area . In the middle of the safari we take a break, light a fire and serve a light meal based on local ingredients.   

 Get ready for an unforgettable moose safari with us! 

Moose safari without moose guarantee

Even if we make the trip to a time when we have the best chance of seeing moose, we cannot guarantee our success. Finnskogen is not a zoo and the wild animals wander wherever they want when they want. We will nevertheless do our best to make you have a pleasant time in the forest.  

For larger groups, or activities on a different schedule, feel free to contact us.

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Finnskogen Adventures

Finnskogen Adventures wants to show everybody the wonders of outdoor living! All our activities are out in the wilderness – primarily in the Finn Forestsor in the immediate surrounding.

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Camp Kynna

Fremdeles spørsmål? Ta kontakt.

Camp Kynna er et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Finnskogen Adventures og Opplev Kynna. Under Camp Kynna får du oppleve Finnskogen og Kynnavassdraget på nært hold.

Oppmøte på Kynnbrua, Våler kommune, lørdag 26. september kl 12.00.

  • Padling i 2 etapper fra Kynnbrua til Kynndammen
  • Overnatting i svevetelt ved tilrettelagt leirplass
  • Alle måltider inkludert
  • Transport av mennesker og utstyr fra Kynndammen tilbake til Kynnbrua hvor bilene er parker

Pris: kun 750,- kr pr. pers

Opplev villmarkseventyret

Påmelding Camp Kynna

26-27. september 2020

Kun 750 kr pr. pers.
Begrenset antall plasser.

Påmeldingsfrist: 12. september 2020

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