Hear the wolf howling during the night in Finnskogen -

Wolfnight adventure in Finnskogen

There are few animals more mythical than the wolf. Gathering around a crackling campfire in the evening, watching the flickering flames and listening to a choir of wolves, is an enchanting, one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed.

Finnskogen is one of few locations in Norway where the wolf can be heard howling. Join us for an overnight stay in the great outdoors – a unique and magical fullmoon adventure in Finnskogen!

This winter adventure will take you to Finnskogen, the favourite haunt of Norway’s four big predators. Our camp is set in the wilderness, by a marsh in the forest, where the night sky is so dark that you can see the Milky Way – and even the Northern Lights when they travel this far south. We meet at an agreed location and walk together to where the campfire is already burning.  If required, pick-up in Elverum can be arranged.

Your accommodation for the night is in 5-person wood-burner heated glamping tents. As you enjoy a hot drink by the campfire, you get to know what the next hours will bring. We then take you on a guided snowshoe walk in the area around the camp, and with a bit of luck we find tracks and traces of wolf or other animals.

In the evening you are served a meal based on local produce, and you get to experience the magical atmosphere sitting by a campfire as the moon lights up the snow-clad forest. Perhaps we get to hear the wolves howl at a safe distance. Gathered around the fire, you will learn about the elk, bear, lynx and glutton, as well as birds of prey nesting in the area. We also talk about the area’s unique Forest Finn culture and its military history.

It is up to you whether to stay awake all night or let us wake you up if the wolves begin to howl.

In the early morning, the wilderness host will ensure that your wood burner is lit. You are then served a hot breakfast before we guide you back.

Available dates next season

Every full moon night from January to April.

For larger groups, or activities on a different schedule, feel free to contact us.

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Finnskogen Adventures wants to show everybody the wonders of outdoor living! All our activities are out in the wilderness – primarily in the Finn Forestsor in the immediate surrounding.

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Camp Kynna

Fremdeles spørsmål? Ta kontakt.

Camp Kynna er et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Finnskogen Adventures og Opplev Kynna. Under Camp Kynna får du oppleve Finnskogen og Kynnavassdraget på nært hold.

Oppmøte på Kynnbrua, Våler kommune, lørdag 26. september kl 12.00.

  • Padling i 2 etapper fra Kynnbrua til Kynndammen
  • Overnatting i svevetelt ved tilrettelagt leirplass
  • Alle måltider inkludert
  • Transport av mennesker og utstyr fra Kynndammen tilbake til Kynnbrua hvor bilene er parker

Pris: kun 750,- kr pr. pers

Opplev villmarkseventyret

Påmelding Camp Kynna

26-27. september 2020

Kun 750 kr pr. pers.
Begrenset antall plasser.

Påmeldingsfrist: 12. september 2020

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