Safari in the wilderness of the Finnskogen/Finn Forest - Finnskogen Adventures

Safari in the wilderness of the Finnskogen/Finn Forest

We like to offer you a safari in Finnskogen. The offer contains three nights indoor and one night outdoor in treetents. For activities we offer one day with biking and two days with canoing. Our aim is to show you how great this forrest is. We have packed a tour for you with culture and wilderness experience.
  • Kunde: Thomas
  • Dato: 25.07.20-29.07.20
  • Aktiviteter: Wilderness holyday
  • Pris: 4.250,- NOK pr pax (3 nights at the farm with breakfast, 1 night outdoor in treetents, 6 bikes, 3 canoes, and dinner by the campfire at the Sævsjøen)

Finnskogen («Forest of the Finns») is an area of Norway and Sweden situated in the counties of Innlandet(Norway) and Värmland(Sweden), named so because of immigration of Finnish people in the 17th century, the so-called Skogfinner/»Forest Finns».
Finnskogen is a part of the great taiga belt.
The area has wolfes, bears, eagles, lynx, wolverines, mooses, roe deers, foxes, and a lots of birds.

25.07.20-27.07-20 Accomodation at Gravberget Farm, in double room. Breakfast included. Bathroom in the hallway( 2 nights)
26.07.20 Bike trip in the forest.  We will also provide maps, and show you the tracks. Bikes are included
Map for Gravberget Farm
The Facebookpage for Gravberget Farm

27. 07.20 Canoe trip in Kynna.  3 canoes included. Starts at Silkesjøen.  Camp near Sævsjøen. You will sleeps in treetents from Tentsile
Map for Kynna, pointed at the startplace
Map for Sævsjøen, pointed at the campsite
The Facebookpage for #OpplevKynna

28.07.20 Continue with canoe trip from Sævsjøen to Kynndammen.  We  will pickup you up at Kynndammen
Map for Kynna, pointed at the pickupplace

28.07.20-29.07.20  at Gravberget Farm double room, with breakfast. Bathroom in the hallway

Extra: Dobelroom with bath 150,- NOK pr pax pr night
Extra: Helmets for biketrip 60,- NOK pr pax pr day
Extra: Sleepingbags for the canoetrip: 400,- NOK pr pax pr night
Extra: Lunch packet for the biketrip, and canoetrip: 150,- pr pax pr day
Extra: Breakfast by the campfire 150,- pr pax or Breakfast packet 100,- pr pax
Extra: Guided Moosesafari: 3.000,- NOK (at the evening)

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